Reflections on a Sacramento Morning

I am by nature a morning person. I love the early morning and the peace you find there. All is quiet and no demands are being made on me or my time. It is 4:30 AM here in Sacramento, the first birds begin to sing and I realize that the world is slowly waking up to the sweet sound of the songbirds in the area. I brew my cup of chai tea latte and watch the dawn break over the distant Sierra Nevada mountains. It reminds me of a line in the song Across the Great Divide…

The finest hour I have seen,

Is the one that comes between

The edge of night and the break of day.

It’s when the darkness rolls away.”

And the darkness rolls away slowly; soon the sun will be up and blazing, turning the area into a toasty day but without the humidity of so many places; the sky will be an incredible blue that just makes you smile. Time to sit down on the floor and do some restorative yoga—at my age I am no longer quite as flexible as I might have once been, so restorative is the best thing for me. A couple of sun salutations then a boat pose, down dog and up dog, pigeon pose, a cobra and then corpse pose. Just a quick routine. Now for a cup of chai tea latte. The sun is getting brighter. There is a slight breeze blowing from the Southwest—a Delta Breeze. Absolutely divine. Weather that is highly conducive to a nice walk through the neighborhoods lined with large trees and beautifully manicured lawns. Lace on the sneakers, turn on the phone and tune in some music and off for about 2 miles. And I’m not the only person out there. I routinely run into at least a half dozen people. Half an hour later, I’m back at the house and Mom is drinking her coffee and reading the paper. Time for another day to begin and I have made my peace with the world during this quiet time. Sacramento mornings are just the best…quiet, serene and gentle. Perfect way to start a day. May Macedonia be that way!