I don’t like doctors. I generally don’t have a need for them and if I see a doctor more than once in a year, it is pretty remarkable. Other than a couple of little episodes with reproductive organs and malfunctioning kidneys, I’m pretty doggone healthy. That being said, I have seen an awful lot of my Doctor here in MK. Life has not been kind to me.  A knee that needs replaced, a damaged shoulder, a broken ankle and now…… ulcer! Apparently I am a victim of the H. Pylori bacteria–basically acquired through the consumption of contaminated food or water. So now I have to take two antibiotics and some kind of pump inhibitor for two weeks. If that doesn’t work, I may have to have another regimen of antibiotics.

Add to my health problems a little girl who demonstrates characteristics of being bi-polar. One minute she adores me and can’t leave me alone. The next she is flipping me off, spitting at me and slamming doors in my face. And the family’s reaction? “Elsa, no!” There is no penalty for her bad behaviour. I bought a new fan for the family today and as soon as we had it assembled, she started pushing all the buttons and when she was told to stop, she started screaming. Target of her anger? Me! I have come very close to ET’ing this week. (ET=Early termination). I’m so close but I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

Camp starts next week and I’m really looking forward to it. We will be in Krusevo which is in the mountains to the south of us. There is a campsite called Shula Mina that the boys have used for years and now the girls will get to experience it and the great outdoors. It is also much cooler there so should not be as bad as last year. We all thought we were going to collapse of heat exhaustion last year. I just know that I don’t plan to spend a night at “rough camp”. I’m staying in my cabin! The only animals in the area are dogs and goats so no fears from raccoons or bears or wolves but I prefer the comfort of a bed!

Our weather has been blistering hot! Supposed to cool down for the weekend but we shall see. Think I have everything I need for camp–including four bags of marshmallows for s’mores. Now I just have to pack and figure out which bus I will take to get down there.


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  1. The stress of that behavior can’t be God for your health, physical as well as emotional. Such behavior only escalates if not deterred in some way…..I speak from 42 years as a classroom teacher. If young children are acting out this way ( K or younger) it only gets worse as they get older.
    I’ve even seen it turn to actual physical abuse by the child on the adult in question.

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