Едно ден во Скопје

Last Saturday we got to spend the day playing! We had an opportunity to meet the serving volunteers in country at a park in Skopje and then had some free time to wander around the center of the city.  We  walked along the Vardar River and marveled at the beauty of this city. They are attempting to be the city with the most statues and they have an excellent start on it as you can see from these pictures. You might guess that the guy on the horse is Alexander the Great. Next is his father Phillip of Macedon and then an assortment of statues on the bridge spanning the river. You can also see Poseidon with a pirate ship (a restaurant) in the background. And finally just a view down the promenade and yes, Jacks, that is a carousel! We ended the evening at a number of different eating and drinking establishments which gave us a chance to unwind for an hour or two and just relax with no agenda items to be accomplished except to find our buses and head back to our villages.

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  1. Getting to meet the President of Macedonia will be a neat opportunity. And of course you all will be able to carry on a conversation in the language – how neat is that! The photos of the city and art works and the buildings is impressive. And the bar scene looks like a sports bar, no less. What a great experience….

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