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If you want to comment on my posts please let me know so that I can register you as a user. I am attempting to cut down on the number of spam posts I get. I must receive at least 20 a day. Therefore, I have decided to let only “registered users” comment on my posts. Thanks for understanding.

Update: I have removed the restriction for registered users since I have learned how to keep spam from showing up. No need for user names and passwords.

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A 60 something woman who has run off to faraway places with the Peace Corps.

2 thoughts on “Registered Users”

  1. I love reading your posts. They really give a good reflection and insight into the culture there.
    It’s almost like being there….the pictures have been beautiful too. They have added so much to the posts.

  2. Let me know where to send the craft supplies….my donation.
    Also how much you’ll need.

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