Big day

Tomorrow marks a new day in my independence. I will be going to my new site for what is affectionately known as “Site Visit.”I will be meeting my counterpart for the first time and my new host family. The new host family has children of about the same age as the family with whom I am currently living. The oldest son is married and he and his wife live there as well. Both this son and the father are teachers in the school system in which I will be working. I don’t know how much  if any English they speak but we have been doing cram courses in phrases we might need. We even got a security sheet of terms to know in case of trouble–like fire!, I’ve been robbed, ambulance.  After January, I will be the only American in the immediate area. So it will be swim or sink–I intend to swim!

My current family is very sad that I will soon be parting on a permanent basis. They keep saying, “Nuk shkoj” – Don’t go. I have a hard time convincing them that I have no choices in the matter. I have promised them that I will return soon for a visit. After all Mirlinda is getting married in August. I have to be here for the wedding–it will be traditional Muslim. I will miss them a lot but I’m ready for the real adventure to begin.

Mirdita and fiancé
Mirlinda and fiancé 




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  1. Of course they want you to stay! Your new host family is going to have the same response since you are so much fun!!

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