More challenges

Well, I am visiting my new site and the school is delightful except for the fact that the bathrooms are exclusively Turkish toilets.  And, oh yes, you need to bring your own TP with you! The first grade classroom is an absolute delight. I will enjoy working in there. The other five or six classsrooms are pretty standard. There is even a decent computer lab. There are two teacher lounges–one smoking, one non smoking.  The school is heated by wood stoves in each room. Do not yet know if I will be responsible for stoking the fires or not.  The school operates on two shifts, so I will more than likely have very long days.

Next is my home stay family. First of all, it is large.  There is a husband and wife, Haxhbi and Nazifete–both in their fifties.  Next we have married son with his wife and 2 year old daughter.  Additionally we have an unmarried son and daughter living in the house as well. And Eileen makes the 8th person in the house.  As you walk in the house, you walk into the kitchen/dining room/laundry room. It is surrounded by three living rooms. Upstairs are three bedrooms and the bathroom. No toilet seat on the toilet and no toilet paper of any kind–only a bidet–time to learn new skills! Great adventures in store for me as I learn to adapt to a new and fascinating culture and build my language skills.

Stay tuned!

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