This has been a pretty incredible week for me. Where do I start? Saturday was my birthday and I shared some mini cakes with my host family. I had birthday wishes from each and every one and hugs from all except Imer (would not be appropriate for him to hug a woman that is not his mother). And I thought, “What a quiet and lovely birthday.” Spent much of the day working on homework as we are racing to the finish line of our training.

Sunday dawns another gray day but I am going to Teuta’s house later for mysafir (cake and coffee) and then will  finish my homework. When I get to Teuta’s she has a full lunch for me. However, just before I left the house Hanife shows me that she has made me kifli and a cake for dinner. Oh dear. How do I not hurt anyone’s feelings? I eat lunch with Teuta, have coffee and a tres leches cake that she made for me and help her with a visa application for her parents to visit the states. As I am leaving, they tell me that I am now part of their family.  Awwww.

Go home and and they want to eat–now. Okay, let me see if I can choke down some more food and more tres leches cake. (It is a very popular cake here.) Okay, that’s done and now go up to finish my homework. All done, take a shower and get ready for bed, turn out the light and turn on my Kindle light and  read in bed for a while. All of a sudden there is a knock on my door and people come in singing and flashing cameras.  It is my training group come to wish me a happy birthday late. They stayed for about 45 minutes and then left. They are an incredibly wonderful and loving group of volunteers. But finally, this birthday nonsense is over! Not!

Next day at school I have candy to share with friends to celebrate my birthday. They have other plans. They have made a cake for Ana and me. (Our Macedonian teacher and I share a birthday.) More sweets, more singing and now it is finally over. And our teachers announce we have something new to master before swearing in: Химна на Македонија. Never a dull moment.


So now I’m curious. I haven’t heard anything from my GLOW interview and the others who interviewed had all received an email. (GLOW–Girls Leading Our World). Let me send them an email and get my official rejection. Surprise! I’m not rejected! They want me to be the sustainability coordinator which was my first choice.  If you are interested in learning more about the program, visit this link GLOW Macedonia  Okay, Guess I’m kind of busy at the end of July the next two years. No visits then, please!

Wednesday dawns another gray day (we seem to have a lot of those) and I know it is a long day. Language class, TEFL class and tutoring. From 08.00 – 18.00. As the TEFL trainers arrive they come waltzing in with four big boxes! Wow, another jackpot day. Oh, here is the stamp album I ordered, my box of Christmas decorations and another one of Christmas shirts and one with a birthday sweater. Everyone was incredibly jealous. Customs has a tendency to stop all boxes and open them for inspection and then repack them removing what they want to remove. I have not lost much so far but it does not make me happy. Not sure about letters. I have been waiting for a letter for over a month that has my keyboard decals in it. Suspect it has been pilfered!

Today was a relatively normal day except that we went to Relax for lunch. Lovely restaurant up on the side of the mountain. There are no taxis so we have to walk. Good for us. I had a shopska salad and some Spaghetti Bolognese. Ahhhh the good life. Considered wine but the wine would have cost more than the whole meal so passed on it. I’ll have wine with dinner tomorrow when we dine out in the thriving metropolis of Skopje.

Thanks to everyone who is collecting craft supplies. I will have an address for you soon. The village my school is in is Arnaqia and it does not have a post office so I have to find out how to get mail to the school.

Hanging in there…….

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  1. Do you think that the pilfering will chur with the. Classroom supplies we send?

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