The Countdown Begins

All this time I have been nothing but a lowly trainee. No real status. But that is all about to change. Next Friday, I will be in Skopje with 43 other trainees and we will all be sworn in as official Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV). It is thrilling and scary all at once. We’ve been in the country a little over two months and now they are turning us loose. Wow! Stay tuned for more news of the newest group of PCV’s.

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A 60 something woman who has run off to faraway places with the Peace Corps.

3 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins”

  1. This is such an exciting time for you – and will soon be an exciting time for your students, also!
    Missing you . . .

  2. Certainly a great accomplishment. Really neat to have a spouse who is adventurous and willing to take on such an important volunteer activity.

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