Swearing In

It’s official! I’m a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer)! After almost three months, my status is now official. Tomorrow I will move to my new home in Arnaqia. Will be interesting to get to know my new community and new family. I am truly looking forward to it.

We are the women of Dobroshte
The women of Dobroshtë

It was a day full of laughs, tears and hugs.  It was truly amazing! Both our ambassador and country director had inspiring messages for us and had us in tears before the oath of office was administered. The President of Macedonia also spoke very movingly and I even understood a word here and there as he spoke.  Right now it is all soaking in…the incredible friendships made with both staff and fellow volunteers, the experience we are about to undertake, it all seems so surreal. We are truly a family now.

It is also Albanian Independence day and the flags are flying all over the place.  The mayor of the area gave each of us a flag to fly. Most of us want to keep it as a souvenir of our days in the heartland of the Macedonian Albanians. Someone suggested we wear it. Probably not the best idea. But the parties are going on all over the place–I can hear music playing outside my window and then men cheering and dancing.  I’m pretending they are dancing for me.

On to the next part of the adventure tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Swearing In”

  1. How absolutely wonderful! It must be the most amazing feeling, I can’t imagine how amazing. Congratulations! Terry

  2. By now you are at your new home. It will as great of an experience as the first.

  3. I hope everything is going smoothly for you as you transition to the “giving” part of your Peace Corp time . We are thankful that all has gone well with your journey.

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