Thanksgiving Macedonian Style

Dinner for 50?
The carving team

Well, we did it!  We brought together our Albanian and Macedonian families for a festive feast at Relax Restaurant along with the mayor or the area and the media.   We made the food at locations all throughout the community. When it was all done and over with, there was nothing left except a few veggies. Even the carcasses of the Turkeys had disappeared. David and I did a great job of carving turkey so that it fed our guests and the wait staff. (Surprised us that they ate but we had plenty). And yes, I had wine with my meal and work!

Holy molly!

My greatest regret was that I didn’t get a chance to eat any turkey. I had to leave for about 15 minutes and when I got back there was no turkey to eat–should have made a plate before I left. However, there was still some stuffing,  mashed potatoes and sauce (gravy) left and that left me reasonably content.

Making the meal was a challenge. Even though I figured out the Macedonian word for sage, I was unable to find it. Dried cranberries or canned ones were exorbitantly priced so we did without those. No pumpkin or pecan pies but we did have some delightful desserts made by our host families. But I am now making the shopping list for next year. I won’t have to cook for quite as many people but it will have authentic ingredients or perhaps I will just forget it all together and create a new tradition–one which celebrates joining Peace Corps and call it an international fest.

Regan and Mims and Teuta
Six of the Dobroshtë nine along with Teuta
Monica and her family
The Maksuti’s with current volunteer and future volunteer
Monica’s and Regan’s families.

But a wonderful time was had by all.

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Macedonian Style”

  1. I can only imagine the laughter and happiness around that table of good food. Congratulations on sharing one of the U.S.’s favorite traditions and making some new ones!

  2. Amazing 🙂
    You guys did it!! Looks like quite an affair.
    And it pleases me to hear that you had some wine…though I’m sorry you didn’t get to eat any bird. It must’ve been good; not a bite was left but a few veggies!

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