The Bolshoi Theater

Welcome to the Bolshoi! It is beautiful, it is amazing and it is all on my movie screen! The theater is just breathtaking. Much as the Metropolitan Opera does live HD broadcasts, so does the Bolshoi! And I went to see the Nutcracker (Cascanueces in Spanish) in all of its glory. It included some commentary and glimpses of the performers warming up before the program, backstage interviews between acts and glimpses all around the theater.  I was absolutely enthralled!  Some differences from other productions I have seen: Clara isn’t Clara–she is Marie. Curtain calls were done after both acts. Mother Ginger did not appear at all. Instead the dance was done by all the sweets. And the Russian dancers did not do the traditional leg kick dance. And still it was amazing. The person that went with me had never seen the Nutcracker and she was just over the moon when it was done. Truly magical. One of my greatest joys in life is introducing people to the beauty and elegance of this wonderful ballet.

Even more magical is that they will perform again in January! Not the Nutcracker but perhaps the most beautiful ballet of all time: Swan Lake! Guess who will be there for that one? You bet your sweet bippy! I may live out in the sticks but I do have all the wonderful advantages of living right next to a big city and the serenity that comes with living in the country.

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