It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in Macedonia!

And I’m working!  I haven’t worked on Christmas Eve for many years–at least not for the whole day.  And technically I work for the whole day today except that my day starts at 10.40 and ends at 13.30. Not a bad day if I say so myself.  Then I will head into Skopje with my partner in crime to do a little window shopping, have a spiced wine and then have a lovely Italian dinner.

Every day here is like opening another cabinet door and finding new treasures. Yesterday I experienced traffic at a standstill while the Turkish Prime Minister was escorted through town and then saw the road rage that the bus driver was feeling as he almost ran over a police man. The interesting thing about the motorcade is that it seemed to make just a big loop through town. So it held up traffic twice within an hour. And I got to see one of the three helicopters that Macedonia owns flying along the route.

Then I found out where the fresh pasta shop is here in town.  It is a store of absolutely nothing but pasta. And the best part? I can buy freshly made pasta any day of the week except Monday there.  They make lasagne daily and it is in whole sheets not strips of noodles so that certainly makes it easier to layer. Now I have to find the ricotta cheese. Should not be too hard.  Do you see lasagne in my near future?  I do! Possibly as soon as this weekend!

The last couple of days have been gloriously sunny but according to our weather forecasts we should have 5 – 10 cm of snow this weekend. I had hoped to go to Dobroshtë this weekend but I’m not sure I want to be traveling rural roads in the snow. I have no experience with snow here yet so will probably postpone it.

And I bought a printer! Yes, it is just an inkjet. I will not be  printing a lot and it is so much easier when I am writing a test to have a printer rather than have someone have to decipher my chicken scratch. And the nicest part is that it only cost 3000 denar. Have to check out the price of the cartridges–probably cost as much as the printer! Oh well! The printer will be a gift to someone when I leave if it holds up that long.

Off to another day of discovery!  Happy Holidays everyone! christmas-holly-clipart-holly_corner_large

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One thought on “It’s Christmas Eve and I’m in Macedonia!”

  1. Sounds like argent way to celebrate Christmas Eve.
    I met 2 friends for dinner after the Christmas Eve service. I like it because the children alway re-enact the Nativity.


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