Odds and Ends

All kinds of quirky things to talk about. Food is the first one.  Many nights our dinner has consisted of French Fries or butter beans cooked into a soup with bread and ajvar. Very filling but the potatoes are somewhat lacking in protein. There is always  cabbage salad in two bowls on the table. It consists of shredded cabbage and tomatoes dressed with salt, sunflower oil and vinegar. Definitely an acquired taste. Everyone eats from the bowls. You don’t put it on your dish.  Good thing I like my family. We also finish our dinner up with either a Turkish coffee or a Russki tea. Both are delicious and very satisfying.  Meat is not terribly common even though the two families I have lived with have huge deep freezes! Guess I will have to give up my filets until I go back to the states or another country.

Now speaking of food…..the other day, the oldest son, Faton, was yelling at his sister because she didn’t get up early enough to fix him breakfast. His wife and daughter were visiting her family and therefore not here to take care of him.  When I asked him why he didn’t fix it himself, he responded that the women have always taken care of him all his life. That is the way it is supposed to be. ZIP! Lips are sealed. I was afraid I might say something terribly culturally insensitive and then have to explain myself away! Walked out of the conversation.  Yes, it is the 21st century but in many ways, this feels like the 19th at times.

And how do you handle a two year old that has decided to start biting people when she gets angry? My gut reaction was to bite back but thought it might be a good idea to check with PC staff to see what they recommended. Their response: BITE BACK! So that is what I will do if she does it again.

At the request of the American Corner staff, we are putting on a play for the 10th anniversary of the American Corner at the end of this month.  We have decided to stage “Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate.” Most of the pirates are girls and I think they will do a great job. The kids are enthusiastic and have a fairly good command of the language. It is only a 15 minute production so we won’t put friends and family into too much agony.  However, we do have a number of rehearsals between now and then and have put our cooking program on hiatus for the month.

Looks like our weather will begin to improve over the next couple of days. I certainly hope so as getting in and out of some buildings is getting rather tricky with all of the partially melted ice.  I bought spikes for my shoes and boots before leaving Michigan but everyone who was here said, “Don’t bother bringing them. We haven’t had any snow the last couple of years and when we do it melts almost immediately.” Foolish me! I believed them. So did a lot of other people. We are all wishing we had brought them. I’ll have them for next year and of course it won’t snow!

Ran into a friend at the bus stop the other day and we are going to get together on Thursday with a few others for coffee. Hoping we have time to discuss stamps as she is a stamp collector too and should be able to tell me all of the local haunts for stamps. The stamps are certainly an excellent way for me to fill up spare time. That and movies!

Merry Orthodox Christmas everyone! (fires are burning all over the country to celebrate it but not in my part of the country. It’s just another work day for us. )


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3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends”

  1. Not having beef, lamb, mutton,or pork must be hard. How about chicken, duck, goose, or fish? You didn’t mention this so I guess not.
    Love the “Bite back!”–now a days that could get you in trouble here in the US……

    1. Oh, I get chicken occasionally and a little beef but that is it. Shellfish and pork are absolute no-no’s and I have yet to see lamb on any menus! Mostly the meals are vegetable based.

  2. Well perhaps We can find a good restaurant when I come visit and you can a meat filled meal 🙂

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