Adventures in Bus Riding

As I sit here this morning, I am thankful to be alive.  I wear long coats–it is my preference. They keep me warm, they keep me dry. It is that simple. That being said, yesterday was the most frightening of my life because of this preference. As I got off the bus in Skopje to spend some time with Beverly, my coat caught on the door. The driver is always in a hurry to get moving and so was closing the door before I had totally disembarked. The lining of my coat was caught on that door and the driver was starting to move. Fortunately for me, some students saw my predicament and got the driver to stop and re-open the door so that I could get disentangled.  The lining of my coat is torn and I will need to find a way to get it repaired. Perhaps I even need to consider a shorter coat. But as I walked away from this encounter, I was in tears at that point picturing my body being dragged along behind a city bus. It still brings me to tears to think how close I came to tragedy.

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