She’s gone! My partner in crime is probably close to crossing the Italian border about now.  She is officially an RPCV (that’s Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) now and taking her Close of Service (COS) trip. She is headed to Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Düsseldorf, Göttingen, Oslo and then finally to Orlando. Pretty ambitious trip. Mine will probably be fewer destinations and more time in the locations I choose.  More remarkably is that she is backpacking it. She sent only one small box home and that is it! She has decided to live the minimalist life style and plans to maintain that when she assumes her new job in March in China! What a woman! I salute you Beverly and I miss you.

PC Office
Eileen and Bev at the PC Office

We did manage to have some fun times together prior to her departure and I know that without her assistance I would be lost right now here in Arnaqia. But I can find my way around Skopje fairly well and look forward to doing much more exploration as the weather improves thanks to Bev.

Our drama club is coming along splendidly. Katie, Susie and I met with them last evening for our first full read throughs and are amazed at how well these kids are doing.  Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate is going to be a smashing success. And they are already asking about future productions. We decided that we aren’t quite ready for the Globe Theater but we certainly have an enthusiastic group of kids and we have talked about where they can perform.

Jessica and I spent some time talking about GLOW after Bev and Lourdes left yesterday and I am thrilled to be working with her. I think it is going to be a great program and we have similar hopes and aspirations for the program. Will be going out for an Indian meal with her and Rachel tonight. Should be wonderful. Just has to happen early enough for me and my buses.

Finally some relief from the weather is in sight.  Our temperature tomorrow should be 10 degrees above zero so we should see substantial melting.  The ice and water on the marble steps they have all over this city is insanely dangerous! I look at it and want to just sit down and bounce down the steps on my backside! But the long range forecast looks like we will be above freezing during the days almost every day!


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3 thoughts on “Gone!”

  1. Your blog is quite fascinating. You are a captivating writer and share some interesting stories. I loved your discussion of the boy who expected his sister to wake up and fix his breakfast as that is what women are supposed to do. You must have had to bite your tongue hard on that one. Your recognition of cultural sensitivity is impressive. Take care!

  2. Bev looks like a fun person. I’m sure you’ll miss her, but adventures will keep you smiling.

  3. New adventures await you. Bev is an adventurous soul it seems, but a great guide for you while it lasted. The play sounds like fun and great for the kids that will star in it.

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