S i n g l e D i g i t M i d g e t

A term used by military personnel when they are “short” or about to move on to the next assignment. I am officially a single digit midget.  In 9 days I will be aboard the airplane that will begin the next phase of my life.  I am both excited and nervous. I know that once I get in country, I will be fine but in the meantime, I will have run the full gamut of emotions.

Already I have begun the goodbyes. Goodbye to my weekly dinner with Ireta; goodbye to my former colleagues; goodbye to my doctors; goodbye to my fellow winos. Soon I will say goodbye to the young men I love to hate–the brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity. (We have recently forged a good relationship and I hope that it is the beginning of a new phase of life for those of us foolish enough to live in an area inhabited by many college age students. )

The final goodbyes are the hardest–goodbye to my family. I’ve never been very good at saying goodbye and I don’t imagine this will be any easier. I will just grit my teeth and try to keep that good stiff upper lip. After all, 27 months will go by so very quickly and then I will be back.

I’ve made journeys like this before–to Germany, to Korea. However, this time there will be no children in tow that I have to manage. No harnesses to put on one, nor pulling the other off the luggage carousel. So this should be a piece of cake.  We shall see. Of course I’m not quite as strong now as I was then but I think I will be just fine.  Bon Voyage to me!

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