Break is over…..or is it?

So excited to get back to school today.  It has seemed like forever. The days are getting longer which means time is marching on and I want to get in the classroom. I have worked on lessons the past couple of weeks and am really ready.  Oh, wait! The teachers are on strike and I must stay away! Aaarrrggghhh! There is no knowing how long this will last or how it will turn out! From what I understand it is a financial issue and how long it has been since they received a raise. So we shall see! I know to not get involved and not offer opinions so I am not even going to try to guess what all the politics of this thing are. I just know I can’t  work as long as it goes on.


In the meantime, I watched Nazifete (yes she is back from Switzerland  finally) make burek.  It is a rolled up bread product that has cheese in it and is absolutely delicious. I know what is for dinner tonight. I will rush home from play practice for that!

Over the break I got brave and checked out a beauty shop in the mall and I am quite pleased with the results! The price was right and I will be going back. They have facials, waxing, “treatments,” and the much missed massage. I can have a chocolate massage, honey massage, essential oil massage, volcanic rock massage or a red wine body treatment. Most of these cost 1200 den which is about 24 USD.

I also had an episode of no heat. My space heater went on the fritz and the one the family gave me to replace it was pretty much useless–it was designed for a much smaller space. So then I got another one which was good but then it quit working. I was spending as much time away from home as possible–anyplace that had some warmth. Finally got my heater fixed and now I am nice and toasty. Fortunately, it is also getting slightly warmer outside. The temperature stays pretty much above freezing which helps.

This weekend I am going to see the live broadcast of the Bolshoi Ballet performing Swan Lake. Very excited about that. Should be amazing. It is one of the most beautiful ballets ever.  I do love being able to see a world class ballet performed by a company as distinguished as the Bolshoi!

We have had our first person have to give up their Peace Corps dream. There were some serious health problems at home and she elected to be with her American family. We all wish her well and will miss the joy and talent she brought to our PC family. And one of our PC family here in Skopje endured a break-in at her home where the thieves made off with money, jewelry and phone. She and her host mother  were threatened but not harmed. The house was trashed as they were looking for valuables. Always a frightening thing to hear. However, I feel quite safe out here. Everyone watches out for everyone else. That makes me feel very safe. As close as I am to Skopje, this is an incredibly rural area. There are people in Skopje that have no idea we are out here. Guess that is a good thing.

My language is getting better and better but no where near where I want it to be. Once we have school officially back in session, I can get back to working with my tutor. I feel pretty independent and that I can communicate effectively in at least one and a half languages. My Macedonian is suffering at the moment but I want to concentrate on my Shqip for my LPI (Language Proficiency Interview) in April and then I will work on dual language fluency. Fortunately I have a tutor who is qualified in both languages and will be able to work with me regardless of the language I want to work on.


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4 thoughts on “Break is over…..or is it?”

  1. Well hopefully the strike will end soon and you will back. And that you have heat again, certainly a necessity. Good the community is a safer place to be. Do take care though. I suspect you are doing better with the language than you think you are, especially since has only been not even four months.

  2. Aw….strikes. Ours lasted 22 days…..I was president at the time.
    That bread sounds delicious. Massages are so great, aren’t they. The wine one sounds fun.

    Hope it stays safe for you.

  3. Congratulations of being a Peace Corps Volunteer. Very proud of you.
    Your stories are wonderful and have drawn me into your world. The pics provide great visuals to your experiences. The weather along with the lack of facilities would be challenging but perhaps a bit welcomed at times to allow you to appreciate home in the states and your home and family where you are now. You have grown and those you’ve reached out to have grown. Keep in mind we are all related and your hooking up with a new set of relatives.

    Bring home some recipes to share when you are at our place for a meal and talk.

    Thank you.

  4. I want to hear about the Swan Lake performance and the massage! 24 American bucks is a steal!!! I do love your haircut. I’m glad you’re balancing things with some fun & enjoyment…
    Glad school seems to be back up and running, and you can get back to what you’re there to do! Hey- I don’t like the no heat business…If you need me to send my 30 below sleeping bag, even if it’s for NEXT winter (as long as packages and cards seem to take to get to you), I will gladly send it! xoxoxo

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