Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate

Well, we did it! Staged our first Broadway production! Or should I say our first Goce Delchev production.  The American Corner Skopje turned 10 this past weekend. The staff there asked us if we could work with the kids and put on a short play. We had three weeks in which to do this. My sole experience in theater has been as a performer–never stage crew or production–Katie and Susie hadn’t even done that. But the three of us are PCV’s and we can do anything we set our minds to. So first we find an inspiring dramatic piece to stage. Hmmm, this looks like something we can do with minimal props: Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate.

The fabulous cast!
The fabulous cast!

Now let’s have auditions (how do you do those?!) and assign parts. Done and done. We schedule five rehearsals and one dress rehearsal before the performance.  The kids were amazing! They made us and their teacher very proud of them. Only one line was blown! The audience consisted mostly of their parents and friends but we also had Peace Corps staff and Embassy staff in attendance. All in all it was a lovely evening. And we celebrated by going out for some eats and adult beverages at Old City House.

The strike sign!

In other news of the world……the strike goes on and is expanding to more schools throughout the country. My area of the country seems to have been the first to go out and now others are following. We are not sure what we should be doing during this time so we try to find secondary projects to work on. I’m fortunate to have GLOW. I also have an NGO in the community that would like me to work with them.  They work to preserve Albanian Culture. The strike here is nothing like a strike in the US. There are no picket lines. The teachers go to work and sit in the teacher’s lounge drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. They chat and then they go home–they do not teach. Since very few women here in the village work, keeping the kids at home does not create a hardship for them. No day care to worry about. But it seems like not all schools within a system strike. Katie went with her counterpart to the second school she works in and her counterpart was called “Strikebreaker.” Their other school was not on strike. So you really need to know what is going on when you walk into the school. Fortunately, my host father is president of the local syndicate (their word for union) and lets me know what is happening on a daily basis–at least in my area of Macedonia. Stay tuned for updates.

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2 thoughts on “Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate”

  1. Congratulations on the success of the play. A new career in the offering – stage productions and direction. Community Theater. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Interesting that all the teachers show up at the school and then don’t do anything all day for the strike. GLOW and the NGO will keep you busy as well as the American Corner. Cultural preservation is a challenge but an important one regardless of where one is living. Plus what a learning opportunity.

  2. The play looks rally cute. I love student productions. Parents are great audiences. It would’ve been great if you’d videoed it so we could see it but that’s asking a lot.

    The restaurant looks really nice. What great venue and what fun to go out with everyone to celebrate the success.

    You are lucky to have the “union” head at your host. Keeps you doing what is correct.

    Congrats on the play!!!

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