O V E R !

The strike is over! I would have returned to school today but my counterpart called in and said she couldn’t make it and since I am not permitted to be in the classroom on my own, I did not go to school. But tomorrow I will be there. I have no idea what the terms are they settled on, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it this evening. The important part is that it is over!

But in other news…….Spring can’t be too far away. We are getting snow storms that have golf ball sized snow globules falling from the sky. It melts quickly, too. Pansies are beginning to come back to life in Skopje and I don’t need to bundle up like an Eskimo. Now if the mud would just go away!

Slowly but surely I am learning about customs in the Albanian homes. One of the nicer ones is the placing of an extra dish of food on the dinner table. That way if a guest suddenly drops in, you can honestly say you were expecting them. I always thought I was counting wrong when we would start putting dishes on the table. Turns out I wasn’t.

Strike Update

Turns out it may not really be over. From what I can understand, they have been ordered back to work and the negotiators have until 15 March to work things out. If nothing happens by then, they may go back out on strike. The strikers feel they will have lost their momentum at that point and are disappointed in this result. I’m just happy to have something to do!

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  1. I lost my first comment so this may be a duplicate. I have just binge-read your posts since September. I was pretty well tied up in November and December. I find your descriptions of food interesting. Many have Armenian counterparts. Tahn is a beverage of diluted yogurt. Dolma is any stuffed vegetable, not just grape leaves (one of my favorites). Berak sounds much like Boereg which is a pastry filled with cheese. Perhaps Turkey is the common source.

    1. I would agree that Turkey is the common source. This area was part of the Ottoman empire for at least 500 years. Quite a few people I have met speak Turkish as well as Macedonian and Albanian. It is a pretty fascinating experience and a huge cultural change for me. Time is so important to me and it drives me crazy that it is not to the people I live and work with. So I keep trying to not look at clocks and watches but after 67 years of having to do so, it is not an easy task.

  2. Ah spring…. Still a long way off in Michigan. Hopefully the strike is really over and you can start teaching English again.

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