Showers, Toilet Paper and other personal stuff

We have arrived and  already are learning many valuable lessons. The first one being: Don’t flush the toilet paper!  And of course there is no plunger left in the room so if you make one mistake you are going to be calling the plumber.  Our second lesson is that if you want to take a hot shower, make sure you know where the switch is to turn on the hot water. Definitely makes a difference. Also realize that we as Americans are incredibly spoiled with our shower habits.  Turn the water on, get wet and turn it off and soap up, turn the water back on  and rinse off  and get out.  Certainly a different approach!

Food has been incredibly high in carbs.  Bread and potatoes. Potatoes and carbs.  Have had  no opportunities to try out wine but hope to this evening. We have a night out on the thriving metropolis of Tetovo.

Had a wonderful lullaby to go to  bed–we could hear the local mosque’s call to prayer. Will hopefully get to work in a primarily Muslim community. Should keep me from having to attend mass with my host family. Really not my thing! However, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle Ramadan. We shall see.


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  1. And it is an Eastern Orthodox mass as well – meaning hours being there. But then it is prayers several times a day if in the Muslim region.

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