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Think you will find this interesting but also do not think you will find it in any of the papers in the states.  And it is a far cry from what I could be experiencing had I gone to Ukraine as originally planned. Macedonian Politics 101. The government is working frantically to withhold any of the information mentioned in the article from being published.  And if this country were perfect we would not be here.

On another note, our new ambassador has finally come on board. Paul Wohlers finally left–he was due to leave in December and didn’t do it until about a week ago.  The new guy will now have to earn the love and respect of the people of Macedonia. He spoke to a national audience and greeted them in Macedonian and Shqip. So, of course, someone had to comment that he should have used all the other languages you find in the country.  Let’s see….most everyone speaks Macedonian and about 35% speak Albanian. The rest of the languages (Roma, Turkish, Bulgarian)  are spoken by about 5% of the population. You can’t win for losing! Oh, well you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Stay tuned for more on the Gruevski story. It does have the potential to eventually make the news in the United States.

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  1. Political posturing only I hope. Interesting article and video of the new ambassador. Seems like lots of intrigue in the article, and likely not in the US media. May watch the CBC and see if it is reported in Canada. Nice to be close to Canada and get their view of the world. Just so it doesn’t get violent – be careful out there.

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