Confessions of a wino in a Muslim community

I chose to become a part of the dual language program knowing full well that I could end up spending my life with a Muslim family that does not consume alcohol in any way, shape or form. Life without wine was something I was not keen on embracing. During PST I got my wine fix when our training group would go to Skopje for a Hub or training day and be satisfied because I could drink there.  A couple of the more mature of us and therefore more prone to drink red wine found a couple of places to get good cheap wine. Or I could go over to the Macedonian side of the village and have a drink in one of the bars (Which I never did but the option was always there) or with one of the other trainees who lived over there.

And it is cheap!

But PST is over and now I live my life day by day in the village and there isn’t a Macedonian part of town and the closest bar that I might consider is quite a ways away.  I made the conscious decision that I would find a way to get wine in and the empty bottles out of the house without detection.  They sell small bottles at the supermarkets in town and they fit very nicely in my purse but if I have more than one, I run the risk of breakage or just a very noisy purse.

wino 2
Nestled in that mitten is a bottle of heavenly delight.

Enter mittens! Fortunately I managed to get a pair here in country. And guess what else they are good for other than keeping your hands warm?  They make a wonderful cozy nest for transporting my bottles to and from the house. The bottles fit perfectly in the mittens. And when I’m ready to recycle my bottles I just take a mitten out of my purse and give it a shake over the recycle bin and voila! Problem solved.

wino 1
All gone. Time to smuggle it out.

I have found that the white coffee cup I was using as a wine glass tends to stain. So I have a lovely purple cup that doesn’t show the stains. When it is wine time, I light a candle, lock my door and lean back and relax.  If the family needs me, I also have a decoy cup of tea on the desk and I just slip the wine glass/cup into my wardrobe and no one is any the wiser when they come in. Really rather brilliant if I must say so myself. Now if I can just figure out how to have it with my dinner!

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