And so it continues

The political tension is increasing in the country and we are closely monitoring it. I do not believe this is another Ukraine crisis in the making but it certainly makes life interesting. ¬†When locals ask me about the issues I simply tell them I am not well enough informed. (Click on the word issues to link to the latest news out of the Balkans.) But this past week, there was a news conference of sorts on TV every night as the opposition dropped their “Bombs.” It certainly makes for interesting reading and TV and if you are politically interested in this part of the world, I think you will find this an entertaining issue to follow.

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2 thoughts on “And so it continues”

  1. Definitely interesting reading….it doesn’t sound like it will be like the Ukraine, I certainly hope not.

  2. No outside intervention like in Ukraine, but certainly sounds like a “strong man” type government intent on control. Which is not too uncommon in many countries in the world today. But unlike those other countries you are there for this one. Stay safe.

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