Food–always about the food.

I spent the night in town Friday night.  I went to a Gestalt presentation which was scheduled to last until 8 PM. Then we were going to go out to dinner after that. One drawback, the last bus to my part of the world goes at 9 PM and I was due to be back in town on Saturday morning so why not just get a room in town. So I did! At the suggestion of Maja I booked a room in a local guesthouse. Cost? 27€. Shumë shtrenjtë! (Not really, just being sarcastic). Very basic room: bed, pillows, blankets, towels and my own bathroom. No toiletries, no glasses, no radios, no phones, no room service. However, upon arrival I was given my choice of a welcome drink at their restaurant–anything I wanted! So I, of course, had a glass of wine. I dumped my bag in the room, brushed my hair, put on some lipstick and I then meandered back over to the American Corner and visited with Maja and Jim for a while before the presentation started.  It lasted until 9 PM! Now we aren’t going to get back from dinner and back to our places of sleep until at least midnight. I can’t do this because I had been up since a ridiculous hour that morning ! So, much to Maja’s dismay, Susie and I backed out and we went out for soup and a sandwich at our favorite little bistro and then headed to our respective beds. We both were involved in the next day’s training activities.

Saturday morning. Ason told me that my 27€ room also included a full breakfast. BreakfastTime to go check out and see just what that means. He did not lie! I chose the omelet with сирење, bacon and BUTTER! Butter is not generally used for bread here (at least not where I have been living). In a restaurant you must ask for it and they look at you like you are crazy but then deliver a big lump of it. You eat bread plain! You might have honey or jam on it, but never butter. I thought I had died and gone to heaven–bacon and butter in one meal. I think I miss butter almost as much as wine. Both of which are readily available here but just not used/consumed in my household. I can easily purchase Deutsche Markenbutter, but if I bring it in the house it just gets used in cooking something. They are big on using margarine. I’m not!

Off to my day of training–but first stop for a cappuccino with David, Gwen, Beka and Stacie. I ran into them when I stopped to buy a bottle of water for the day. One of the things I have noticed here is that they rarely make the coffee drinks super hot. They are warm–not hot which makes it easier to drink but doesn’t really warm you up. Beka and I had to gulp ours down (so the not hot was a good thing) because we needed to get there a little early as we are part of the steering committee for the day’s events. We don’t know exactly where we are going but what the heck! Can’t be too hard. And fortunately it wasn’t. I feel like I’m getting to know Skopje quite well. But I’m sure there is much that I have yet to explore. Had a great training day which included pizza for lunch. But once again I was a victim of bus issues. Our training was done at 4.30. There had been a bus at 4 PM and the next one wasn’t until 18.45. Okay, head to the mall and hang out a bit. Or better yet, how about dinner as I know I won’t get home until at least 7 PM. So I found a lovely restaurant and ordered a nice spicy spaghetti with sausage (yes, more pork!) and another glass of wine.  And they use wine glasses just like mine! A fine wine glass adds so much to the pleasure of drinking it.

macedonia-4So now it’s back to village life for a couple of days. Susie and I are going to Ohrid next weekend to just chill out. Figured we should hit there before the tourists all do! And now that it is spring, tourist season will start in earnest soon. It will be nice to be away with no agenda for classes or training. Just relax!


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  1. The breakfast looks yummy and it sounds like you are definitely finding the best places to eat! Have fun on your trip!!

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