Incredibly comfortable and warm bed
Ceiling fixture
Another toilet for you to marvel at, Jason! 🙂
Our guest house–we are on the second floor (European second, not American second)

The weather is beautiful here in Macedonia and so it is now time to start exploring this amazing little country. We checked the bus schedules and decided we needed to start with the number one tourist destination: Ohrid, which is situated on the shore of Lake Ohrid in SW Macedonia. As you look across the lake one can see mountains on the far side–that is Albania which gets to lay claim to 1/3 of the lake. Wonder what kind of border control they have out there in the middle of the lake. I can’t imagine a long distance swimmer carrying paper to get into their waters. But I digress. We found a lovely guest house that overlooks the lake. Here are a few shots of the interior of the room. The toilet is there for Jason–he knows why. And, Ireta, the floor was heated!

Breakfast for a king!

Breakfast was included with our meal so we called to have it delivered to our room. Oh, my goodness! There was enough to feed 4 people: yogurt, meat, cheese, hard boiled egg, rolls the size of your head, jam, honey, juice, butter (yes!) and tea. So we ate what we could and saved the rest for dinner that night–

Mosaic entryway
Up the hill or…..
…down the hill?
Sveti Sofia
Sveti Jovan
Sign at Sveti Jovan. We opted to keep our underwear on! (I know it is bathing suits but I thought that was a funny comment.)

Now it’s time to explore. Which way to go?  But first, look at this mosaic in the entry of our guest house! Down the hill to the left or uphill to the right.
First we stop and check out a little building in front of us. Why does it have a cross on top of it? Oh! It’s a little chapel! (they are all over the place. Literally around almost every corner.) The street in front of our hotel is not the easiest to navigate but we head out. We meet a delightful man who engages us in conversation in English. We are determined to find the number one must see sight–Sveti Jovan Kanoe so we regretfully bid him adieu and start on our trek. Interestingly enough, we were so confident of what we were doing that we did not ask directions. We know it is to the north of us but not sure how far but we soon find signs pointing the way so we know we are on the right track. Along the way we find Sveti Sofia and many other delightful sights. As you can see, we eventually made it to Sveti Jovan. We left Sveti Jovan by motor launch and explored more of the city, had a fabulous lunch and did some shopping. We saw more churches, mosques, a muslim mausoleum, and an incredible tree. We stopped for a bowl of soup and then went back to the room to finish our breakfast and watch a movie. What a wonderful day! We slept soundly.

Sveti Klimenti
Sveti Klimenti
That is Albania in the distance.



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5 thoughts on “Ohrid”

  1. What a neat trip. Can’t wait to see some of these sites. Beautiful and really interesting building constructions.

  2. Love, love, love the guesthouse. The mosiac is lovely – what a nice welcome for family and visitors!
    I can imagine the cobblestones were a “trifle tricky” but well-worth the effort as you explored and found such cool scenery and architecture.
    What a wonderful breakfast – an amazing array of foods to enjoy.
    One of these days . . .

  3. What a beautiful place. The view across the water is great!
    The stone walkways are difficult to,traverse, but they are neat! What a super breakfast! Sound delicious…. The place you stayed looks quite comfortable. Toilets are important…..I,remember being surprised when we went to Italy in 2013 at finding holes were the toilets in so many of towns we visited…..some were modern holes, but still different for us. The mosaic reminds me of those I saw I. Greece and Israel….

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