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I’ve started enforcing at least one day a week that is my lazy day–watch a movie, read a book, do my laundry and no mysafir. Last week started out fairly quiet. We had Easter Monday off and so I went on a mysafir and immediately regretted it. What was promised to be one hour turned into 2.5 hours.  I know better! Never believe anyone who says you will mysafir for an hour. It is virtually impossible. And the volume  at them would seem to me that I need to take my earplugs with me. But I eventually got home and had a chance to get my hair trimmed.

I knew I would have four days of school with tests in two classes and an all school meeting on Wednesday. On Thursday the doctor was coming to visit and he was bringing the nurse with him. This was an interview visit to see how I deal with stress, do I have any concerns etc. (Stress, what is that?) We ended up talking about cooking and GLOW. And what are my plans for the summer? However, about ten minutes before they arrived I received a phone call telling me that I would have a visitor at school the next day. Our new DPT wanted to visit the local volunteers and get a sense for our work sites before our IST this coming week. So I called the School Director and invited her to come as well. So here we go—mysafir again! Then it was off to Tetovo that afternoon for the Tetovo region spelling bee. Did not get home until 8 PM on Saturday. We had a wonderful day and a nice get together afterwards but the bus schedules just kill me. I had to wait over an hour for my local bus. On the weekends, they run much less frequently. I got back to Skopje at about 6 PM and had obviously missed the 4.20 bus so had to wait for the 7.15 one. And then factor into the week a death in the extended family where various members of the family would disappear for most of the day because the festivities (?) were all occurring in Kosovo!

Now we arrive at insanity at its best. I teach tomorrow, then head to the American Corner to tutor Zoki. Then back home, finish packing up my suitcase for four days of training in Skopje and–oh don’t forget to bring your computer and policy book. So today was get the laundry done–and since there is no dryer it had to be done today so that it has time to dry. But oh, line dried clothes smell so nice and fresh. Then I will come home on Friday in time for dinner just to get up and head out to Šuto Orizari, home of the Roma population in the area,  for a six hour meeting on Saturday and oh, yes, lunch is a pot luck. Bring your favorite dish. I’m thinking either chocolate or wine! Now I arrive at next Sunday and take time to get the laundry done again for another crazy week. I have a major GLOW information session on Wednesday night and my husband arrives sometime on Thursday for a three day visit, so I have to repack my suitcase to spend a couple of days with him. Fortunately Friday is a holiday so I don’t have work  but that also means the crazy  bus schedule. And now I find out that the day after Labor Day is celebrated by people going on picnics. I have been advised that that is probably not a good day to take him to Matka. Monday he leaves and the following weekend is the National Spelling Bee which many volunteers will be in town to help with and the Skopje/Wizz Air marathon which many PCV’s are running so the non-runners among us are heading down to cheer them on. Then we have Special Needs training in the middle of the next week. So I’m pretty booked up for the next month. I’m anxious for school to be out for a break but I will still be busy getting ready for GLOW and getting through Ramadan.

Time is just going too fast!

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  1. Having fun though and discovering many new and interesting things. Looking forward to the short visit.

  2. Busy, busy woman. I know that the practical stuff (like taking the bus & dealing with the schedule) gets challenging… But you’re doing great…learning so much, helping others, even though you may not always feel it’s making an impact. WHO YOU ARE, and the connection you are so often able to make with others, is the greatest gift you bring. Not to mention how much you inspire us all! You never, ever cease to amaze me.

  3. I guess a mysafir is a trip into town…right?

    Enjoy your visit with Steve, I know he is really looking forwqard to being with you.

    He’s coming to California for a mini vacation on the 22nd. He said something about going to Disneyland. The entrance price is $99 plus tax. I don’t know how families can afford to go.
    I got us tickets to see the Dead Sea Scrolls anf the IMAX movie “Jerusalem”. Reviews have been great.
    Then I have tickets to “Magic Castle” from a member. It’s a member only club for magicians and fun. The shows are good and the food is yummy. If I can find a sub for May 23rd, I’ll make reservations.

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