The buses are to blame.

If by some bizarre chance I happen to die in Macedonia, check with the bus company–they are probably at fault or I was on one or waiting for one when it happened. They are such a huge part of my life! I figured out that in an average week I spend at  least 7 hours waiting for buses and about 10 hours riding them–and that is if I’m timing them correctly. I think the drivers look at the schedules and see that they are close to the designated time so not to worry. No such thing as waiting at a stop because they are early.  More often than not, they are very late and so drive like crazy men  trying to make sure they get back to the station on time.  The seats don’t have seat belts–they are old wooden chairs which you slide off when he makes a sharp corner. You have to hold on  for dear life. I’ve been thrown out of my seat once. And then there is the issue of getting off the bus. You damn well better get off quickly or he will take off with you still hanging on or stuck in one of the doors. I know! I have been caught twice now. Fortunately there are people watching out for me and they make him stop so I can be free and clear. But it is a  terrifying feeling knowing that I can’t run fast enough to keep up  with the bus. Wonder if they have ever thrown anyone under the wheels.

On the lighter side, Steven  came to visit and saw a tiny bit of Macedonia. I think he was a bit shocked by where I live but I can assure you, I  have an exceptional space  compared to some of the other volunteers. I have asked him to write a blog post about his visit so I won’t say much more. You all just have to hold your breath until he gets around to it.

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  1. It was a great long weekend. Stuffed a lot into those days – see blog when I complete it 🙂 Just not long enough. Eileen is certainly right about the buses – crowded, drive like crazy, rough roads, hurry on and off. No AC or heat. Her home is actually not bad, although somewhat rudimentary, and certainly much better than a mud hut. The family are very nice people. Enjoyed meeting them. Beautiful country but definitely developing. Excellent restaurants though. I recommend Air Serbia, which I flew from Rome to Skopje. Looking forward to next trip and seeing some other areas.

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