And it turns to awful

My ordinary, beautiful day turned ugly this afternoon. This came in my email around 1500 hours.

Stand Fast stage – massive protest in Skopje 5/17/15
The opposition supported by several NGOs and civil associations is organizing massive protest against the Government in Skopje on Sunday 5/17/15.
The protest is announced to be peaceful but it is expected that the transportation in the city will be blocked and the potential for incidents is not totally excluded. This protest will be attended by citizens from different parts of the country and the transportation routes throughout the country will be affected.
Because of this reason PCVs must stay Stand Fast at their sites and not travel out off site on Sunday5/17/15 and on Monday 5/18/15 (going to work on Monday within your site is allowed except for Skopje PCVs that should plan not going to work on Monday).  Any in-country trips should be finished by Saturday (5/16/15) afternoon, when the in-country traveling PCVs should return home.
The Skopje PCVs are urged to stay at home and not travel in the center/through the center of the cityon Sunday and Monday.
All PCVs should remain open for communication with PC (have charged cell phones and read emails if available).
Stand Fast?! Holy moley. That is one step away from consolidation and that is one step from evacuation. Things have turned ugly. If they manage to force the government into resigning, then I don’t know what will happen. This sounds awfully reminiscent of Ukraine. Yikes!

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