The Fan Struggle

My fanI was very proud of myself. I found a nice oscillating, adjustable height fan for 900 denar. I assembled it myself and it is blowing a delightful breeze through my room. I have the window open for cross ventilation. And therein lies the problem.

Here in Macedonia they believe in a phenomenon called promija. It is a mysterious disease that creeps into the house if you allow cross currents. And it will kill you! Or something equally dire. I am a fresh air nut! I hate air conditioned environments and do my best to avoid them. (Not that I have to worry about that here in my house. I’m not sure anyone has an air conditioned home.) I crave the fresh air that comes into ┬ámy room because of my open window and my pretty little fan. And apparently if the fan blows on your back, you will have spine problems. So I set the fan to oscillate and Nazifete comes in and changes it to blowing in a fixed position and away from my back which also means the rest of my body gets no cool air. Then she proceeds to tell me that I will get promija! She leaves, I change it; she comes back, changes it etc. This will be an interesting summer. Wonder what she would do if she knew if it is too hot at night, I sometimes take a hot shower and then go to bed still wet and let the fan cool me through the moisture on my body! Surely that would kill me! Or will it be the buses? or the promija?

Ah, yes.  Cultural differences. They are so much fun!

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  1. In the Middle Ages and into the Victorian period most Europeans believe the night air caused illnesses. Those that could escaped to the rural estates in the summer to avoid the urban night air. I suspect there is some historical rationale that no one remembers. But then she may be onto something

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