Bitola–the Cultural Capitol of Macedonia

The dynamic duo was off again this  weekend to explore more of Macedonia. Destination Bitola.  It is the second largest city in the country and one of the cleanest places we have seen since we have begun our travels. We started out by meeting one of our colleagues for lunch–lunch is late here. Around 3 PM  and then dinner is usually just leftovers for something very light. I like that pattern–healthier by far than the American standard. As we were talking to Cindy I found out that she is a North Salinas HS graduate!  Kind of unbelievable. She graduated in ’67 so would not have overlapped my sisters or children but still a very small world. She is now from Denver so we have multiple things in common since we still own a house in Denver. (Or at least we did the last time I checked. I understand the real estate has gone through the roof there!)

Bitola map
Map of Bitola

Our guest house was literally right off the square. As we got our bearings we realized there would be far more things to see than we could possibly see in our weekend. We opted for mosques, churches, the Old Bazaar and HeracleLyncestis.  We didn’t make it to the museums and galleries but that is for another trip. There were many street cafes and we were assured they were all good but some were better than others. The streets were cobble stone and the people were helpful and friendly. At one point when we were just looking at the map to see where to next, a couple of young girls came up and offered to help us look at the map. The architecture of the city is very European in appearance and just lovely. I also learned that my Albanian is practically useless there. Only about 3% of the population is Albanian. Good thing I could use my survival Macedonian!

Bitola Architecture


Lots of green space







The ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis.

Statue in Museum
Handsome Fellow
The Goddess Heraclea
Looking from the small basilica to the large basilica
Spare sculptures just laying around
By the steps to the amphitheater
Mosaic floor in large basilica
Amphitheater (still in use)



Heraclea Lyncestis



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  1. Heraclea Lyncestis looks like a great place to learn about an ancient culture. Great pic of you by amphitheater steps.

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