Sex for Sale

Let me first say that I love being female and all that comes with it.  I love having doors opened, receiving flowers, getting gifts and walking on the inside so he can get splashed walking on the outside. But I don’t like having the female body exploited to sell things. When are marketing professionals going to quit using the human form to sell things? Here in Macedonia, that is exactly what happens. Roaming around in Skopje the other day, I encountered these billboards.  And it isn’t just women that are shopped around! Men are too!

Using the sex-sells technique may cause people to buy the product once or twice because of  the content of the ad. However, if the product is lacking in quality, the advertiser won’t retain the customer for long. Not only that, customers may feel taken advantage of, talked down to, or flat out patronized. And reengaging the dissatisfied  customer is not going to be easy! So, ad agencies and marketing professionals,  let’s focus on the item and why we should purchase it, not on selling sex!



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