Poop in a hole!

Do you realize that this area of the world was part of the Ottoman Empire for over 500 years?  Of course there has to  be some kind of lasting influence on the culture here.  Turkish coffee is one of them and a most delicious one that I have come to  appreciate a great deal. However, I can’t say the same for one  other residual item that is quite prevalent: The Turkish Toilet! I must say it does have potential for some benefits.  If you have to spend much time in there, you will develop strong leg muscles and improve your sense of balance as you hold onto your clothes and squat over the “bowl”.  You also are not going to be able to use it as a reading room.  Time spent taking care of your business will of necessity be limited  and you will want to get out of there quickly.  They do provide you with a plunger and brush to clean up the evidence of your deposits. Generally find that there is no paper made available so make sure you have a small package of Kleenex with you when you go in. Should make the lines waiting outside of the restroom go much faster! And just to make it interesting there is a song on You Tube, called “Poop in a hole (the unofficial Peace Corps Anthem)” Check it out, it is cute. image

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A 60 something woman who has run off to faraway places with the Peace Corps.

3 thoughts on “Poop in a hole!”

  1. Haha. We called these “squatty potties” when we used them in China. Definitely different from what we’re used to in the US.

    1. What an experience in diversity you are receiving. The toilet gives a whole new meaning to pity party. To the residents they are accustomed to their surroundings; to Western culture we may be shocked. This is an exciting time to reach outside of your boundaries and experience a new life. You are providing me a glimpse of a world that I have not experienced before. Keep writing. Jim

  2. Similar to some places in Italy and Mexico, even some new buildings in small towns have them …. it’s an experience that broadens our world.

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