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Јас сум од Америка, од Мичиган. Јас се викам Ајлин. Jас сум волонтерка на Мировен корпус и професорка по англиски јазик.

And believe it or not I can read that to you aloud and I can tell you what it says. I’m even being able to read signs in Macedonian now. It is a struggle; however, I will be successful. It’s also good to know that the Peace Corps has never sent anyone home because they couldn’t speak the language. They’ve already spent too much money on us to send us home. They are keeping us!

I’ve spent a very large part of the day going over my language exercises, my cultural exercises, my TEFL exercises and I am exhausted. I still have a lot to do. On Monday we will all go into Skopje for “hub day”. We leave here around 7 AM. We probably will not return until at least 7 PM. The next day it will be back to language classes.–two days of Shqip and two days of Macedonian. We have begun conjugating verbs and that is reassuring. Very much like Spanish in that are three types of verbs: those ending in a, e, i. Also learning the names of foods, how to count to 9999 and how to not mispronounce words so that I’m saying cheese and instead of saying sh**ing! Not a mistake I want to make when ordering a hamburger!

Definitely no alcohol around here. Will have to wait until we go into Tetovo with others who may want a drink stronger than water. Speaking of drinks…..they served me one the other night that was a liquid yougurt with garlic in it. Oh, yuck. One sip was all I needed to know that I was not enamored of that drink.

We should receive our site assignments on 14 October and then I will know where I will be spending the next two years. I just hope the house I will be staying in is warmer than this one. This is a very large home–Albanian homes are generally larger. There are a lot of gaps around windows and doors. Makes for a rather drafty existence. But I knew it was not going to be the Taj Mahal when I signed up for this. I’m trying to hold off unpacking my winter coat and sweaters until at least 1 October but I don’t know. Today I am wearing a camisole, turtleneck and cardigan to keep warm. Brrrr. The wind has been blowing quite steadily all day (that’s Jacks’ weather report for the day) and the windows rattle and cause the Internet connection to go in and out. Wreaks havoc on my music.

But settling in nicely and learning tons of stuff. Next weekend is a Muslim holiday. We shall see what that brings!



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