Grace is not my middle name

Summer is basically over. It is time to go back to school. Unfortunately we don’t have a schedule yet and I understand that we may not until the end of September. And this isn’t just happening here but all over the country. And it drives me crazy. I crave organization and well planned programs. Chaos is anathema to me.  However, it works for the people here and so I’m trying to let go of my needs and go with the flow. Not easy!

So to make it easier, Susie and I decided to take a trip to Berovo and rest for a long weekend. We were just going to read, watch movies, go for walks and just relax. We selected the Hotel Manastir for the exorbitant price of €40 per night! And that included breakfast! And we did exactly as planned. It rained most of Saturday so that is when we stayed in and read. Sunday we walked all over town and found the church of St. Michael the Archangel–it is part of the hotel complex! The meals were amazing and the staff was incredible. We each got a massage which cost us a whole €10. The massage was a bit different than I’m used to. First, it is a masseur and not a masseuse. He steps out of the room and says, tell me when you are ready. I’m used to stripping down and then getting under a sheet. Ummm–there is only a towel here and it is not beach towel size! So I strip down and get on the table and finally figure out that the towel is just to cover my buns. Okay, I’m ready!  And, oh, he was wonderful. Only the back side got massaged but oh, did my body need it.  I began to realize how much I miss Ashley! When he was done and I got off the table I felt like a new woman!

So it was now time to check out but we have a couple of hours to kill before our bus so we are going to go sit on the patio and enjoy our Schweppes. Huge mistake! Susie, how about that table over in the corner overlooking the playground? Sure. I decided to sit on the back side of the table. As I made my way back there I made a very critical mistake. I didn’t notice that there were three steps behind the table and managed to tumble down them and landed face down on the flagstone floor. Fortunately for me, at the next table was an orthopedic surgeon/professor. He was at my side so fast it wasn’t funny–checking me to see what I had broken. I was so shaken that  I felt that I was physically going to be ill. He managed to get me up in my chair and totally checked me out. He cleaned and bandaged all of the abrasions on my hand, elbow and foot. Miraculously my knee was fine. When I told him I had just seen my orthopedist earlier last week, he just rolled his eyes. He was sure I must have fractured my patella. But there was no evidence of knee damage. All of the good work done by the masseur was wiped out in one clumsy step. The doctor said I managed to make that fall in slow motion. He had never seen anything quite like it. I was just trying to regain my balance and failed miserably. So , what were the total damages?  A very sore left side that made it difficult to sleep, abrasions and a horribly bruised ego–but absolutely nothing broken! The doctor told me I should go over to the church and pray because I must have had an angel watching over me! Nope–not me! I’m going to be looking for another massage very soon.

So much for our weekend of relaxation. But we did have a wonderful time. And as a bonus, after the drama of Eileen “Grace” Swinehart taking a nose dive was just a memory I saw a man walking in to the area that looked familiar. Hmmm–that is Zoran Zaev–leader of the opposition party and those  guys on either side of him are carrying concealed weapons (they don’t hide real well under a t-shirt!). He sat down at the table next to us, talked to a couple of people and then got up and drove off with his body guards in his big black Audi!

Next up?  Information about the migrant crisis.


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2 thoughts on “Grace is not my middle name”

  1. I think you do,have an angel watching over you and you’ll find a masseur soon.

  2. My Mom used to call me “Grace.” And not really very kindly. I am a clutz! Per our FaceTime conversation, I just want you back in one piece. I’m glad you found a masseur and that it was a good rub 🙂
    I am gonna spoil you rotten when you get home. Love you so. XoXo

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