Things my father taught me.

My Dad was a pretty incredible guy! He didn’t have any sons and was surrounded by a houseful of women.  Poor guy!  But I am constantly reminded of things he taught us.

I can grill a steak to perfection thanks to him. I know how to make sure the fire is just the right temperature and then I cook it to the perfect level of deliciousness–rare of course. Anything else is criminal. And rare steaks are as uncommon as a three dollar bill in this  country.

Don’t talk with food in your mouth/close your mouth when you are chewing. I am reminded of this on a daily basis. It doesn’t seem to happen here. Of course, I know many people who try to talk with food in their mouth in the states, also, but this is just unbelievable and incredibly disgusting.

Don’t speak unless spoken to. I went to a meeting today where everyone was talking at once. I walked out of there with raging headache. How do they do it? One person at a time please. And this went on for over an hour.

Be on time. Nothing starts at the appointed time here. 0900 means 0930. I was warned of this during PST and I knew that it would drive me crazy. 0900 to me usually means be there at 0845. I’m just that way.

So, thanks, Poppy, for teaching me manners.


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2 thoughts on “Things my father taught me.”

  1. Only 1.5 years or perhaps 2. By then perhaps you will be accepting of the mannerisms. Then again probably not.😋

    However, everyone talking at once or with their mouths full would be difficult to get used to or accept.

  2. Hmm…must be a military father thing: we too were always early. I am to this day.

    Hmmm……So perhaps it’s impolite not to talk there.

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