We’re on the move again.

The month of October gives us two holidays this year and fortunately enough, they both combine with weekends to give us three day weekends. Guess that sort of makes up for having to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas. So for this first weekend, The People’s Uprising, which coincides with the controversial American holiday of Columbus Day, we have decided to go to Beograd, Serbia.  We are truly looking forward to a pleasant get away from students and lesson plans and discipline issues. So with a bit of luck I should have plenty to post when we return on Monday.

The second holiday, Day of the Macedonian Struggle,  coincides with our Field Day weekend. My big challenge is going to be to figure out how to prepare a dish to share since the hubs is coming in for one of his flying visits and the hotel does not have a kitchen at my disposal.  I think it has a mini fridge in the room so if I make a pasta salad and bring it from home I should be able to stash it in that fridge. I had thought about having Nazifete fix me a big pan of sarma but then I would have to come back here to get it before heading to the picnic. Problems, problems, problems. But as we are fond of saying – nothing is impossible to a PCV.

So stay tuned for Beograd!


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