Beo = white; grad = city. Beograd. Wow, what an incredible experience ! Excellent food, exceptional customer service wherever we went, and a beautiful city. We traveled by Air Serbia and were so incredibly impressed by them. First of all the flight attendant wore the cutest little cap–the kind they wore on American carriers in the 60’s and 70’s. European lines all dress their flight attendants in the sharpest looking outfits. It exudes competence and professionalism. Makes me want to dress up to get on a flight and look professional as well. We were barely airborne when they came around and gave everyone a sandwich and bottle of water. EVERYONE!

We landed in Beograd without incident, passed through passport control and customs with no issues. But now we need to get money out of the bank in the local currency–Serbian Dinars (RSD) and find a taxi to get to our hotel. We went to the taxi stand, they told us how much it would be and put us in a lovely taxi. 15 minutes later we pulled up in front of our hotel. It was rush hour, but our driver knew what he was doing. Our room was lovely–many nice amenities and mirrors everywhere! Even the closet had lights in it!. But first things first. Let’s figure out where in the city we are, and we need to find someplace to eat. We probably walked about a mile and did not see any intriguing places to eat. McDonalds was not an option. So back to the hotel. Very wise decision. I had gnocchi arrabbiata with a lovely Serbian Cabernet. Absolutely the best gnocchi I have ever tasted in my entire life. And I have eaten a lot of gnocchi

Saturday dawns and I don’t. I have been hit with a bug and spend the entire day in bed. Every time I get up, the room begins to spin. By evening, I feel a little better and we order soup and salad from room service.  That seems to do the trick.

It was a rainy day but we thoroughly enjoyed our day playing like tourists. We had our rain coats and umbrellas.

What more did we need? Serbia is primarily a Christian country and as such, I saw no mosques and only one person wearing a hijab–and that was at the airport. Kosovo is technically still part of Serbia but they have declared their independence and have been recognized by quite a few different entities. That is where you find the Muslim population. As I observe these things, I begin to understand the wars that were fought in the 90’s. People don’t want to mix and mingle. They want their own communities/states and tensions still remain high but at least there is not gun fire.

Our trip to Beograd was beautiful and relaxing. To top it off, when we checked out of the hotel, they give us each a little bag of cookies for our flight home. Was a wonderful gesture. And yes, the flight gave us another sandwich and water to go with it.

Graffiti? I love the broccoli in the hand!
The view from our hotel.
Hotel Moscow
Fresh flowers in the revolving door of the hotel
Artwork in the hotel
Beograd Cathedral in background


Princess Ljubica House
Two of the fountains (look closely) in the downtown area.


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  1. What a lovely trip (minus sick time, of course). It looks like a lovely city and very walkable.
    And the airline service – memories, ah the memories.
    Perfect timing on the photo – one body, three arms and four legs — love it!
    We still have beautiful color here, though leaves are falling fast. One good storm and they’ll probably be gone. 🙁
    It’s great hearing from you!

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