And so it goes.

Comings and goings. It is a week filled with sadness and unhappy news. Two very dear people have died this week. One was anticipated and the other was not. Homes were broken into and terror became the watchword of the people involved. This happens routinely all over the country but when it happens to you or people you know and love, it dampens your optimism about the innate goodness of the human race. And people you feel you have known all your life leave to build new lives or to reclaim their health. Some expected, some unexpected.

And in other news…… The deal that was brokered by the EU this past summer seems to be falling apart. There is a Macedonian expression има време which translated means, “There is time,” but time is running out. There were deadlines for things to occur and none of them have come to fruition. That is not good. On 15 January the transitional government is supposed to be in place ahead of the elections in April. A number of election reforms are supposed to be enacted prior to this transitional government taking over. It hasn’t happened. It may just be the mentality of има време or it may be a sign of a real breakdown in the process.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed our new volunteers to Macedonia this past weekend. They are finding out their assignments for the coming two years this week. We already know we have two new ones here in Skopje. It was an incredible pleasure to share Skopje with them and start learning about them. We also had to say goodbye to some incredible people. They will be missed so much but I feel fortunate to have known them and worked beside them during this adventure called Peace Corps. I am so lucky to be  here.


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2 thoughts on “And so it goes.”

  1. I hope that this doesn’t mean or become dangerous for you. How sad isn’t it when people can’t work together and keep,the peace.
    Our guide, in Belfast who is the representative from Derry, was concerned about the peace accord there as some aren’t willing to come to agreement on some very important issues.
    DefInitely disturbing …..

  2. It was fun getting to meet all of the PCV’s this past weeken. great people and always enthused about the opportunity.

    I assume the deaths were within the Local family in the village? Breaking and entering seems to have been international, but definitely scary.

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