Can I really do this?

November 1st. One year to go, give or take a couple of days. That is, unless I extend my service. As I went down to dinner I realized I have got probably 185 dinners of beans left. This every other night of beans is about to kill me. I take vitamins, so nutritionally I am okay. But tonight I almost gagged on the beans. I just don’t know if I can eat that many more meals of beans. Additionally, we have a communal salad bowl which is cabbage based and what ever other fresh vegetables are available–this time of year, that isn’t many. It is dressed with oil, vinegar and salt and more salt. This meal which I also had on Friday night and will probably have on Tuesday night was the first time I thought about quitting. But I can’t do that. I made a commitment and I intend to keep it. So now it is Plan B.

First part of Plan B includes a nice thick, juicy, rare steak for my birthday. That is next Sunday so I have that to look forward to and the thought of that should hold me through the week. Next I want to find some oatmeal and brown sugar for my breakfast. I can add dried cranberries and walnuts to make it interesting or even some muesli.  Yogurt is getting old. Then I am going to find foods that I can cook when I come home from school which is between meals for the family. They don’t have frozen dinners the way we do in the states so if I want something like a little pot pie, I will have to make it myself. I may have to invest in a few cooking tools like a small pie plate and small cupcake pans so I can make myself a little meat loaf. And I want to find a small pot that I can make myself some potato soup or a beef stew or spaghetti that isn’t pure mush–I want/need al dente pasta. I just can’t stomach this any longer. So next weekend, I celebrate my birthday by getting my cooking cupboard going. I will probably have to shop about every third day but that is okay.

This will be my ULTIMATE solution. Salt and beans are killing me!

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2 thoughts on “Can I really do this?”

  1. So sorry for the boring, unsatisfying diet. 🙁 I don’t know how you’ve lasted this long!
    One thing I’ve done is make a big batch of oatmeal, then eat on it for several days – nuts and fruit changes keep it interesting.
    I’ve also just purchased a Cook’s Illustrated “Cooking for Two” that might have some good ideas – I’ll check for you. Just having some well-cooked beef or chicken a couple of times a week would be a bit help, wouldn’t it?
    Sam has decided to be a vegetarian and is eating mostly beans – I try to make extra salads and veggies or potatoes to offer when he comes home near our eating time to broadening his diet. Tonight was cheesy biscuits and spinach soufflé – he liked both! Wish I could send some to you!!!
    I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Good potato soup is wonderful…cheesy potato soup is really good. Add in some onions….hmmm good!
    Spaghetti or Stew sound yummy too.

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