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Recently, when the hubs was in Istanbul, he decided to buy me a gift of a necklace. The vendor told him that the amulet on the necklace was a prayer from the Quran to be repeated upon departing from the house. It is a beautiful pewter plaque with a lot of Arabic on it and my students can read it. So I know it is authentic. But there is a problem! Apparently it is haraam to wear the Quran on your body in any shape or form. It is sacred to true believers. Because of this my family asked me to remove it when I enter their house. I could wear it outside the house but might have other people express displeasure at a non-Muslim making light of their holy scriptures.

So I did a little bit of research and find that the Quran has many admonitions and has one of the same admonitions I was taught as a child in how one handles a bible. Don’t put another book on top of it. Additionally, the Quran is not to be taken into the bathroom in any way, shape or form–that would include on your clothing or jewelry. You must be clean when you read from the Quran. There is so much that I don’t know and I am thankful for a family that teaches me and does not judge.

Life is so very different here. Every day seems to be a new adventure and learning experience. And this was one of them.

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  1. And I purchased it in a Muslim country. Thought it would be a way to honor the family. Learn something new about cultures and faiths all the time. I must assume the vendor wasn’t Muslim. Probably a good idea to put it away and not wear it. Hopefully they were understanding and didn’t take offense at my error.

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