Hospital Administration 101: Don’t piss off the family!

And in other news in the world today…….

It seems that a member of the family of my hairdresser was diagnosed with cancer and needed to have surgery to attempt to remove the cancer. Well, she didn’t make it. She died. When the family inquired why this happened  the doctor merely said, “She just died.” Apparently her sons and a friend of the sons felt that answer was inadequate and asked again. It seems they had paid in advance and felt they didn’t get what they paid for and wanted more of an explanation and perhaps some money back. Same answer. So they pulled out guns and shot the doctor (in the leg) and then proceeded to shoot up the hospital. Yes they got all three of them and have them in jail. And where, you ask, do these guys live? Why just around the corner! As for the doctor, perhaps he ought to work on bedside manners or change professions. This one seems a bit hazardous.

Like I said, life is an adventure here!

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3 thoughts on “Hospital Administration 101: Don’t piss off the family!”

  1. I would’ve have wondered about the doctor … Here we would’ve sought legal action. There had to be a reason….

    1. I’m sure there was more to it, but remember, Balkans are very hot headed and temperamental!

  2. Whoa! Your story reminds me of Wild West stories on television in my youth. I guess full disclosure is important not just in American politics… Be safe and make no promises you can’t keep.

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