We are making progress on Camp GLOW. We are having a meeting with the Peace Corps staff and hope to get clarification of roles and expectations in working with our new NGO–YMCA of Bitola.  Yes, YMCA is worldwide!  We have many questions and want to start off on the right foot.

And our NGO seems to want to start out working cooperatively. We are going on a site visit with them this Saturday to Thessaloniki, Greece. Now I don’t think there is any way on this green or parched earth that the parents of our girls would let their daughters leave the country by themselves for a week. So I don’t see camp happening there. But I do see getting some good Greek food and a little peek at Greece.  So I’m not complaining. We are meeting with the YMCA in Thessaloniki and taking a look at their facilities and activities and then we have some time on our own before we go back to Bitola. I’m headed to Bitola on Friday as we leave for Thessaloniki at 6 AM on Saturday. No way I could get there from here with such an early departure time on Saturday. So as a bonus, I get some time in Bitola as well!

Watch for some photos.

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