I’m officially grounded for the next two weeks. No, I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just what happens when you have trouble staying upright on your own two feet.

On my way to the swearing in of the MAK 20’s I stepped off a curb and my ankle gave out under me. I felt a pop and needed major assistance getting across the intersection. I got across it and thanked the gentleman that helped me and then hobbled the block or so to the ceremony. I was ready to put my high heels on as I was all dressed up when Dr. Mimi saw the lump on my ankle and said, “Sit down and lift up that foot. Let me take look at it.” She did and immediately sprang into action. She got a bag of ice and took me over to the couch and said, “Don’t move. Don’t stand up for ANYTHING! When the ceremony was over, she got a driver and called Dr. Darko out of his meeting to take me to get x-rays. Within five minutes  we have the results. I tore a ligament from the bone and there is still a piece of bone attached to the ligament. He now has to examine the x-rays to see if I need surgery.  He will call me later this evening to chat.  But in the meantime, I’m on the RICE diet and am not to basically be out of bed for two weeks. Because I have a trip to Rome planned, this is one time, I’m listening to the doctor! I have a cute little boot on my foot and I have crutches to get around on. Oh life is so much fun.

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6 thoughts on “Grounded”

  1. Obviously my thoughts are with you that it can be fixed easily and resting it will speed recovery. Not a good situation to say the least. I guess we will both just Hubble into the future together.

    1. I’m not “hubbling” anywhere! I intend to trip the light fantastic into the future. You can hobble all you want, however.

  2. Not good news….be sure to take it easy and follow doctors orders. I pray you have a speedy recovery.,

  3. Bummer, bummer. How are you holding up?
    When I first saw the blog on my phone I sent a sweet note – guess it didn’t get through. However, our grandson, Jared, had the same thing happen to him, but farther up near the hip. He is doing extremely well – no lasting effects at all – and we expect the same from you!
    Positive thoughts coming your way. <3 <3

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