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It’s March! And every day brings a new spring surprise. I look up to the hill and I see trees starting to bloom. I look across the street to the xamija and the willow tree is nice and green. As I ride the bus in Skopje I see forsythia in bloom. The birds are singing outside my bedroom window. AND…..today I saw my first dandelion! Spring has arrived early here. I’m not foolish enough to think that we won’t still have a couple more blustery days but it gladdens my heart when I see all of this new growth around me. We had a very mild winter. It snowed once and fortunately I was in Rome when that happened. Spring is absolutely glorious here. The brightness of the colors almost hurts your eyes.

Therapy is going well  but about to end. Peace Corps pays for 10 sessions and then it is on you. However, since they are working on my ankle, my knee and my shoulder, they may be able to fund a few extra sessions. It’s been mostly electro-stimulation therapy with minimal physical manipulation. The swelling has gone down in my ankle and so far I haven’t needed the shot in my knee. Here’s hoping I don’t need it. The shoulder on the other had still has range of motion limitations and I’m not sure that is going to be fixed by therapy. I think a sharp hammer to the shoulder would be more effective!

I am being visited on Saturday by a VIP. The General Counsel for the Peace Corps is going to be visiting and wants to see how PCV’s live. I have been selected. He is coming for a mysafir at 1230 on Saturday which is an almost unbelievably early hour. However, they have a schedule for him and that is where I fit it in. I had to write a bio of myself to be included in the briefing book. I hate to  do those things. However, it is done and turned in.

Kathy, Cindy, Kathleen, Susie, Kathy, Eileen

This weekend also happens to be our next Foxes over Fifty Weekend. We so enjoy getting together and not having any agenda except to relax. We rent an apartment in Skopje for the weekend and share housekeeping duties. We have massages booked. The masseuse comes to the house and for 1000 denari gives us a 75 minute massage. I’ll have to wait until I come back from my VIP mysafir but it will be wonderful. We will drink wine and sit around and chat or read or knit. Just get time away from the day to day routine of life as a PCV.

And finally. I’ve pretty much decided that I am not going to extend my service. I have been too brutal on my body and I need to be at home to heal. So come November or December I should be back in the states. Besides which, my mother told me I have to come home and I always listen to my mother. (Ha!)

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