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Spelling Bee is an annual event here in Macedonia sponsored in part by the US Embassy. We do the spelling bee a bit differently than most are familiar with. The students write the words on the board and are judged on that as opposed to oral performance. We do local bees in our own schools or communities, then six regional ones and finally the national bee. I’m preparing my students in grades 5 -9. I have some amazing kids. They don’t have a clue what the words mean but they sure can spell them. We do provide them with translations of the words in their native language but they generally pay no attention to that.

Most of my students who wish to compete are girls. About as cute as you can get. And they love excelling at this. We try to practice for ten or fifteen minutes after school but usually only one grade at a time. Yesterday both the 7th and the 8th graders wanted to practice. They are learning words from separate lists and so I can’t just call out  one word and have them all write it down on the board. One for 8th, one for 7th. They all want immediate feedback and as soon as they finish writing and start calling out, “Teacher, I? Teacher, I?” Took me a while when they first said this but they would point to themselves when they said it so I gathered it to mean, Teacher am I correct? Needless to say it evolved into organized chaos but we had a lot of fun.

One of the methods I am using to help them learn their words is to use an online program to create daily tests that they can take on their smart phones, tablets or just on the computer. If they can use their electronics, they are thrilled. Want to try? Go to Socrative and enter room name R69BNISG. Join the room and then enter your name. Don’t worry, I’m the only one who can see results. Now begin. Can you compete with my students? Most of the words on this test are 8th/9th grade words. There are a few 1st and 2nd year HS words but we haven’t really started working on them a lot yet. That will be next week.

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  1. Socrative looks interesting. I tried it. It’s not threatening. I can see why they/you like it.

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