TW3 (That Was The Week That Was)

Busy, busy week. Practice Spelling Bee, GLOW meetings, doctor visits, massages and a new baby. Where do I begin?

PCV Visit - Eileen
Elsa, Eileen and Rudy

Last Saturday I opened the door to my room and Elsa was sitting on the threshold of my room. I sat down next to her and started chatting with her. Good thing I did. She needed distraction. Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to head to the hospital for the delivery of her baby brother. Oh, darn! There goes my translator for my visit with the General Counsel. I had her (Elsa) come in my room and gave her a box of crayons and printed off  some Hello Kitty! coloring pages. She never realized they had left. She was about as charming as she could be. The General Counsel fell in love with her and insisted on having a picture with her and me. After coffee and a bit of chat with my family while I served as translator, (what a joke that was) they left to take a quick trip to Matka Canyon and I dashed outside to catch a bus back downtown where my fellow foxes were waiting as was my turn with the masseuse ( a much needed massage, I must say). I also needed to deliver the charger for Sevime’s phone as they were admitting her to the hospital and going to do a C-section.

Baby was born that night but apparently hospital protocols are very different here in Macedonia. Once admitted, there are NO visitors. No one is permitted in the labor and delivery rooms except for the medical personnel. Even after the baby is born, Dad doesn’t get to see him/her until he takes mother and baby home. Very, very different. Certainly glad I was never subjected to that treatment.

My students were challenged to a “spell off” with the main school in our district. When Duli suggested it, I was a little leery. They are a school that is much larger than ours and have access to resources like copiers and computers. But we decided to do it and to invite the Bukoviq students to our school for the contest. Duli told me he was bringing 8 or 9 students. Well, I can see the bus stop from a window in the teacher’s room and saw the bus stop and about 25 students get off and start to walk to our school. Yikes! Where am I going to put that many students? Their 25 plus my 7  students.  On top of which my students saw how many were coming and they began to panic. “Teacher Eileen, teacher Eileen. You have to give us easy words.”

“Don’t worry. You know all of your words. Just take a deep breath and relax.”

We had been practicing for weeks. I had a great deal of confidence in my students but was a bit overwhelmed by the number that Duli had brought. He just shrugged his shoulders when I called him on it. Well, my kids certainly showed them up! When it was all done there were three students standing: all three were mine! So then they decided to challenge other students to soccer and volleyball. Again, my students emerged victorious. You could hear the chant of Arnaqi, Arnaqi all over the place. Needless to say, I was proud of them. Now our 6th and 7th graders have been challenged. I’ll have to see how that goes.

I had a final visit with the Physical Therapist, Dr. Slavitsa. She was very pleased with how well my leg is doing. The shoulder still needs work and she has given me some exercises to do with it but I don’t know if it will ever recover fully. I can not reach my arm up far enough behind me to unfasten my bra and I don’t know that these exercises will correct that. However, my son suggested I find a boyfriend to help out with that. Thanks, but no thanks!

One of the newer dormitories
Main entrance of the camp

Friday was an early day even for me. I had to  be up at 0300 to get ready to catch the first bus out of the village at about 0500 so I could catch the 0600 bus to Manastir for a GLOW meeting. After 3.5 hours of sitting, I got to take a nice stroll through the city park to meet up with colleagues and sit for another three hours. The meeting was quite productive and we got a lot of answers to questions we had. I still do not have information on layout of sleeping rooms so that we can assign people. Think it is going to be  complicated but Emi and I will figure it out. After the meeting, we had a lovely lunch and some well deserved wine  to prep me for the 3.5 hours of sitting on the way home. By the time I got home, I had a very numb backside.

So my weekend was devoted to catching up on my online course and just relaxing. I have a second course starting on Monday so will be very busy for a couple of weeks on courses. I am currently doing a course on religion and conflict and beginning one on researching your ancestry. Trying to keep this brain of mine engaged instead of letting it sink into senility. However, religions of the world have always fascinated me and how they hold sway over so many people and impact events in the world.


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  1. Sounds like you are definitely making your brain work. I’m glad you are feeling better and moving better,

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