Familja e mi

Familja e mi jetojnë nëpër gjithë  në Amerika, në Nujork, në Indjana, në Kolorado, dhe në Kalifornia. Unë kam katër fëmijë, nyë vajzë dhe tre djalit. Ato quhen Tena, Xhames, Xhosh, dhe Xhacun. Unë kam gjithashtu tre mbese dhe dy nipa. Nëna ime ka 86 vjet. Ajo jeton në Kalifornia. Unë kam tre motrat. Ato jetojnë në Kalifornia gjithashtu. Ato quhen Gjude, Karën dhe Babsi. Unë jam e martuar me Ctevën. Ai jeton në Meqigën. Ai ka 67 vjet. Ai punon si profesor. Ai nuk është vullnetar i Korpusit të Paqes.

Would you believe this was harder to type than typing in Macedonian.  Now I need to memorize the above passage so I have a cohesive speech when people ask me about my family. And family, if you are reading this, there is nothing negative in there about any of you. You are safe! Your secrets will die with me! 😉

Now that I have written my homework out, I need to practice the words and make more flash cards.  Certainly is like going back to kindergarten!


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3 thoughts on “Familja e mi”

  1. I think you’ve got an error. It’s three granddaughters and two grandsons, not the other way around.

    1. Nope! nip is grandson and mbese is granddaughter. tre is three and dy is two. We just spent the last week on family so I think I know! BTW–what did you use to translate it?

  2. I was actually able to figure out what the paragraph says, at least for the most part, without using a translation guide.

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