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Part of the monthly stipend I pay my family is to go for “incidentals like toilet paper, coffee and tea”. Okay, I get that. Sounds fair. I’m not a huge “consumer” of TP–especially since we cannot flush it. I use the bidet and as little paper as I can. Paper here is not soft. Americans are terribly spoiled by their toilet paper. They seem to use industrial strength here. With that being said, we seem to go through a roll a day around here. Sometimes more. The men all use the Turkish toilet and I have no idea whether there is paper in there, nor what kind it might be. Nor do I intend to find out.

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Last month about three or four days before “pay day” we ran out so I carried my packet of tissues with me every where I went. This month same situation but instead of having to use my tissues, I notice a “different roll ” of paper in there. One end of it is very ragged. The other  end is nice and smooth the way a normal roll would be . Oh, look, there is another roll sitting over there and it is the same. As a matter of fact they fit together like two halves of an apple. Oh, no! They have taken a roll of paper towels and cut it in half to serve as toilet paper. Almost as rough as the real stuff! Never let it be said that they lack for ingenuity. So today I bit the bullet and headed to town to buy toilet paper. I found an 8 pack on sale for 120 den. Actually managed to get it in the house without Nazifete seeing it. She didn’t even know I was home yet. I’m waiting for the reaction. Such is life in the second world.

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