The month of insanity has arrived!  First we have the government quitting to prepare for elections in June. Apparently Parliament must disband 60 days before an election and that will be 7 Prill. On 7 Qershor (June for the non-conversant Shqip speakers in the group) there will be elections. Did I mention that is also supposed to be the first day of Ramazan? Yup! Should make for fun and games.

But this month promises to be wild and crazy! I’m starting off with staff training for our GLOW camp today. The tough sale of the day in the training is telling people they cannot use their phones during camp. If you think it will be hard having staff do it, wait until we tell the campers they can’t use their phones. Call home when you arrive and then your phone is locked up except for one hour in the evening. I can just see it now. People live by their phones. Time to disconnect!

Then the next three Saturdays we have Regional Spelling Bees. I will be working at a different one each week. The final week is the Skopje area regional and I am sending 14 students. I’m very excited about their possibilities to move on to National. Additionally I am sending 11 students from another school in our district and 4 students from my host brother’s school. Yes, I have been busy with Spelling Bee. Following the Spelling Bees it is finally Easter weekend. We follow an Orthodox calendar here in Macedonia so this year Easter happens to coincide with International Labor Day–1 May. We will have a long weekend but I’m not sure how long. If I’m Orthodox, I definitely get Good Friday and Easter Monday off. But are we getting an extra day for Labor Day? It hasn’t been decided yet. We do have a few teachers who profess to be Orthodox so school may a bit short handed if we don’t take Good Friday off but that is still up in the air. As they say here има време.

Add to all of these activities the online courses I am trying to keep up with (four of them at last count) and you can see that I am planning to stay busy for quite a while.

So now it is off to the bus–so much time spent waiting on and riding on busses. The staff of Camp GLOW is calling and I have to figure out how we are bunking everyone when we get to крушево in July. Tomorrow is a day to play around. My friend Beverly is back in country and we are making chocolate chip cookies. Then she is off to teach at a private school in Thailand. Lucky girl! She even gets paid a living wage!


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  1. Definitely something nods like younwill very busy.
    Interesting that the government shuts down for elections.
    What if a majorbd vision needs to be made?

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