More Colourful Revolution

And here is some more on our colourful revolution.  It seems to be a never-ending activity. EU is putting pressure on, but nothing seems to be happening. I’m not sure elections will take place next month. It will be interesting to see.

Out here in the village it is very quiet. We did have some flag waving on Monday in commemoration of the deaths and violence in Kumanovo last year–most of whom were Albanians. But other than that, life is quiet and simple.

A little later this month, I hope to be able to go to Kosovo for a day. The school is planning a cultural trip and I am signed up to go. I just have to get Peace Corps permission to go. Yes, they have to give me permission every time I want to travel out of the country and Prishtina (capitol city of Kosovo) has had a number of restrictions on it in the last couple of months!

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  1. It sounds kind of worrisome over there. I hope it doesn’t escalate into something major. I hope you get to go to Kosovo and have a good time. I love reading about your cultural experiences.

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